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 Bryan & Nick will hold your hands to help you implement the course over one month through LIVE group zoom workshop calls to make sure that you implement the KBB course successfully alongside of us and the rest of the group.
 We will do the work with you, think with you and create with you LIVE so you can get to market faster. 

"Bryan helped us create, design and launch our course and within less than 90 days we generated over $1.447 Million as a result..."

- Ryan D. Lee  |  Cashflow Tactics

"Bryan and his team of experts scaled my advertising budget from $10 a day to over $5,000 a day profitably and went onto build a list of more than 120,000 people.  He can help you too"

- Jeremy Miner  |  Sales Trainer

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you in this 7-Figure Advertising Playbook that we've used to scale our ads from $10 a day to over $5,000 per day profitably... and you don't improve your results then let us know.  We back this product with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure satisfaction.

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